Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Subho Bijoya!

Its more than a week after Pujo and still wishing people Bijoya.Still to call a number of people/relations to extend wishes which is really cumbersome for a lazygut like me.

Had a very boring pujo this time around and perhaps would make up for it in the coming year.
Anyway, a holiday ensuing would definitely give some relief for the time being.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Is this the future of Telcos!

This news is really going to shake all the Telecom operators around the world .
Watch out BSNL and others.How long could we actually protect the interests of the ILD and the NLD operators in the name of investments made(sunk costs) by the incumbent.Rogue operators have been operating using the same model in India at a much lower cost bleeding the exchequer.TRAI needs to understand this and take steps to legalise VOIP termination soon.
We could see a world emerging where distances would be just a call away.There would many players who would emerge and challenge the business of the same leaders of the erstwhile era.Market dynamics will def take care of the economics.

Check out this article at:

Beware..someone may be snooping!

This is my first post and I hope the spirit of Blogs are not challenged as the story in Red Herring goes.Who said blogging is writing yr own point of view..this story actully goes on to show that it could actually be a death blow to the very spirit of right to expression.
It seems relly painful to see that corporate snooping has reached to such levels where even such forums are been challenged.Of couse, these people are their ambassadors, but they have a right to express their opinion too. I think blog would make these idiots actually learn about the problems faced by their customers(incld. their employee) and take steps to address them.This could be the best way of geeting customer feedback instead of investing tons of money in assessing customer satisfaction levels through MR only.
Check the story out at the link below: