Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mobile as Oracles

The ubiquitous mobile isn't about communications only but also about"knowing thyself" if the latest reports from MIT experiments is to be believed.From knowing how much sleep you had last week to how much money you spent on your girlfriend,the mobile seems to have captured the imagination with a lot of possibilities.Experiments are already on its way to study of work patterns of how employees in an organization work with the help of mobile phones.It could go a long way in putting an end to the evaluation metrics used by organizations,which may not have been the best indicator for knowing your people.Any takers!!

Back from my sabba!

It has been quite a lull since I have last written as perhaps my thoughts have reached a level of stagnation.Or perhaps circumstances plays a part in making it so.After all it is the environment which makes you to come out with new things and see the changes happening around you.Or should I better stop cribbing and do something useful..