Thursday, March 24, 2005

Value Chain Revamped

"One cannot control change, one has to stay ahead of it"
--- Peter Drucker

Today was the last day of our academic calendar and the entire campus was spread with a lot of emotions, as we would bid adieu to each other after staying as a family for almost for the last couple of years. Everyone was clicking photographs with their digital cameras or digicams, who could cherish these nostalgic moments in the future. Looking at all these events, an issue, which is the topic for our project today suddenly struck us, what would happen to those people who are at the periphery of such changes? The revolution of Digital Image Processing. This change would affect mostly the chemical based film technology businesses of those ubiquitous corner shop studios, who would have to change their business models faster than its competitor to survive in this changing landscape.


DEVELOPMENT----- CUSTOMER (Future Value Chain)

Any ideas are welcome..........

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