Monday, June 20, 2005

Google into e-payment too!

The news of Google entering into e-payment business must be something of a news to most of us and it just makes me wonder what else it is going to be in next.This also raises the point of what would Google,the quintessential "search" site would start calling itself since it has staretd moving into the turfs of Microsoft(with its desktop search product) to e-bay(if e-pay starts).Its strange that e-bay ( it had acquired Paypal only sometime back with an astronomical sum) which is one of the biggest advertiser in Google would react to this news. Also Google would slowly start infringing into the territory of established players like Visa and Mastercard.Of course, it does make big business sense for Google to be in a business which would generate revenues for the e company whose revenues of over a billion till date has been dependent on entirely advertising revenues.But it would also face stiff competition in a field which already has a lot of established players.With e business picking up and broadband penetration opening up markets in countries like India and China,this space is going to be a hotly contested one in the coming years.Watch out this space for more.

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