Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hiya! Came across a set of oxymorons.My fav- the 14th one.And if my grey cells are still tingling don't they teach you that one specifically in a B-School

1. Working Vacation
2. Exact Estimate
3. Honest Lawyer
4. Microsoft Works
5. Definite Maybe
6. Pretty Ugly
7. Terribly Pleased
8. Computer Security
9. Temporary Tax Increase
10. Taped Live
11. Clearly Misunderstood
12. Software Documentation
13. New Classic
14. Business Ethics


abhinaba said...

I protest the 4th one. I can bet you are using Windows and IE to make these posts. Every thing from Microsoft does work, its only that its geeky fashion to do MS bashing. Secretly everyone uses and loves MS products like office and the Windows.

wisecrackin said...

I don't deny that we do use them daily (though personally I use Mozilla and the OS story is decided by my org)
..but the basic theme is every monolith has been bashed in the history of business and MS is no exception.Besides,do we have any other good options!