Friday, December 10, 2004

I am Back

Hii this sounds like a sequel to Arnold's famous line but my entry isn't that devastating.Its even a surprise for me that I could accomplish what I had set out for days, a morning jog!Hope to keep this up with the same fervour in the near future.

Anyway, read a great article today which would actually drive to nuts all those venerable laptop guys (thank god I don't own one till date,clever of me isn't it?).Its really scaring guys,I know..but I never told you to get one,or did I?

Check out the story at;

Though, such studies are yet to be vindicated with proper research but it actually opens up hordes of opportunities for cos like Intel to actually come up with solution which could reduce power consumption and levels of heat dissipation by at least one-third.This has been one of those grey areas where much has been said but very little has actually been done.One of the major problems being faced by most of the users has been the low battery support and the heat generated while using the laptop.There are a lot of scope for small companies to address this issue as innovation on such fronts can come only from these smaller players as bigger players with ample resources are busy pushing their technology instead of delving into the potential of such innovations.

Thought for food-another idea for a great START UP.What are you people waiting for,got the idea now jump into the bandwagon!

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