Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Isn't this the Future??

Did I tell you this is where the future of business is??

The elephant can really dance.Since realizing its mistakes and its near debacle in the 80's ,Big Blue have taken a lot of initiative to stay at the forefront of change.It emacipated Linux at a time when most of its peers were sceptical of the open source OS.It has since then reduced its costs by many folds.Looking at the viral nature of Blogs and the possibilities it presents,the company has taken the initiative to ask its internal employees of more than 300,000 to engage in internal branding for itself,if one would call it so.It's no wonder why Indian companies are not adopting such strategies on a corporate level to position their products which would expose them to a much bigger audience at an expense which would be negligible.The marketing and PR departments should explore the various possibilities available today to reach its target segment rather than sticking to the traditional way of doing things which is becoming obsolete anyway.Is anybody listening ??

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