Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Qwest VS Verizon

The recent Qwest Vs Verizon fiasco to obtain MCI has evoked interest in the financial and the M&A sector in a big way.The confusion of the shareholders of MCI and the fluctuating decisions of the board all added up to the interest of who would bag the once venerable telecommunications company,till it made news for all the wrong reasons.It is a positive step that MCI board has decided to stick to the revised Verizon's offer of $26.For every MCI share, Verizon's revised offer works out to $26, comprising $5.60 in cash plus the greater of either 0.5743 Verizon share or stock valued at $20.40. (A previous Verizon offer totaling $23.10 had raised a lot of eyebrows when Verizon paid $25.72 per share for more than 40 million shares owned by entities affiliated with MCI's largest shareholder, Carlos Slim.It seems the MCI shareholders would benefit from the prospect of rising of Verizon's stock prices in the long run if the deal goes through.Though,Qwest have brushed aside the deal calling it to be lopsided against the MCI shareholders,but it would definitely bring an end to the speculations surrounding the acqusition.

Only time would tell if the acqusition had really been successful from the MCI shareholders point of view.

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