Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Chief Critic Officer !

Corporations have always had an affinity to give some wonderful names to the top hierarchy...CEO,CSO,CFO,and the list goes on.In fact,Apple's boss Steve Jobs defined his position as iCEO!I was wondering if corporations need to seriously put in some thought of having people like a Chief Critic Officer or CCO(considering my immense love for these ubiquitous jargons!)
I have always found it funny that though we talk about open-culture(how does one define it)but we tend to ignore the discussion of what is wrong with the organization,though this happens to be the favourite gravepine doing rounds the corporate corridors or the canteen or office get-together.
Why can't organizations foster the spirit among employees where they could critize the way things are been run from a strategic or operational point of view.Of course,I only subscribe to the idea of collating their feedback by a responsible authority..maybe the CCO.She should also be responsible in mixing with the customers or masquerading as one of them to find out what the customers think about their organization.This would help the organization to understand the real perception fostered in the minds of the stakeholders.

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