Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tribute to Alison Krauss

"Alison Krauss" the name itself espouse the feeling of admiration for this child prodigy who at the age of 14 stormed the American country music scene and redefined the acceptability of 'Bluegrass' in American mainstream music.Bluegrass is a type of music considered to be inherited from the immigrants of the British Isles.To the uninitiated it is basically played on stringed instruments using instruments like banjo, fiddle, mandolin, etc to create sound in the highest voice.Alison is considered to be one of the most prolific fiddle player and have won numerous awards at a very tender age.She released her first album"Too late to cry"when she was barely 16 that made headlines across the American country music circuit.But then she teamed up with Union Station to deliver her second album"Two Highways".This created quite a murmer and she went on releasing multiple albums teaming with Union Station.Her devotion to servicing a song is represented by her increasingly restrained approach to fiddle playing and softened vocals.

Alsion Krauss may not be so popular to mainstream Indian music lovers,though the afficianadoes of country music that I have come across (many in Bombay at least!) do surely have heard of her music.Alison is a multi Grammy award winner,winner of more Grammys than any female artist till date.She was awarded the special musical acheivement award by the Recording Industry Association of America.Alison's music is shaped by her interest in timeless songs of sadness, regret, longing and loneliness.

Check out a part of the lyric of her single "It don't matter now"

It's finally come Is that sorry on your breath?
Where were you when I was sitting back here

Missing you to death?

It don't matter now
How, I wanna know
Can you tell me plain and true
How high will you fly
Without me there to be your sky?

Do check out one of her breathtaking single " When you say Nothing at All ", that won her the Single of the Year-1995 and have been re-done by many artists till date.You need a Real Player or any other music player to listen to it.So what are you waiting for..

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